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May 29, 2008


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Guess What. Water Almost Never Wasted

          National Geographic’s cable channel airs an entertaining and informative show, “The Human Footprint.” It’s intention is to illustrate the impact human consumption has on the Earth.
          Unfortunately, it often is more entertaining than informative and suffers from a lack of detailed editing that has been the hallmark of the magazine. The on-camera commentator is too “gee whiz,” cliche-ridden and ungrammatical. But the point the show delivers is stunning.
          The show, however, states at least twice a myth that clouds, at best, and interferes with, at worst, the credibility of the extremely valuable environmental movement.
          The myth is that we waste water by using it. The fact is we do not.
          We contaminate it and the impact of that contamination should be avoided or at least reduced, but we do not waste it globally. The waste that people cite during water shortages is purely local. If an area is suffering a drought or their water is foul, that does not change the fact there is ample water on Earth and always will be unless we find a way to move it into outer space.
          Regardless of how it is used and abused, and whether it travels through a sewer pipe or drainage system, all water ends up eventually back in the ocean or aquifers of the Earth.
          Water has followed a set cycle ever since it has existed on Earth. Mother Nature does a good job of cleansing the water and getting it ready for its endless cycle of evaporating without its salt content and rising in the air to be supplied back to Earth as potable rain.
          Basically the same water is used over and over and over. Just be careful what you put in it. Mother Nature’s abilities are not finite.




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