Setting the Record Straight

May 29, 2008

Questions for the Confident Decider

 Straightrecord’s Veritas Has Some Questions for Bush

          I no longer cover any event at the White House, but if I did and were at a news conference, I would ask these questions:
President Bush, early in your term you were asked if you had made any mistakes, and your reply was that you could not think of any.
Are you proud, sir, of taking on a budget surplus and turning it into record deficits and record debt?
Are you pleased that you worked out tax breaks for the richest among us, widening the earnings gap between poor and rich?
Do you sleep better at night, knowing you led the nation into a war that has killed more than 4,000 Americans and countless foreigners?
Are you content that this war has no end in sight?
Does it please you that, in contrast to the day you took office, a large part of the world now hates America?
Do you reflect with pride on the fact that your approval ratings are lower than the average serial murderer’s?
Do you smile at the fact that, under your leadership, your own political party is in tatters?
so, now, do you think you have made any mistakes?”




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