Setting the Record Straight

August 29, 2008

McCain’s Balancing Act

Don’t Be Too Obvious, John

     John McCain, in a move as cynical as it is obvious, has chosen Sarah Palin, Republican governor of Alaska, as his running mate this fall.
     One can only wonder whom else he would have selected had Barack Obama not chosen Joe Biden.

McCain/Palin                       Obama/Biden               The Balance
Wh. male/wh. female.           Bl. male/wh. male        Minority m./female
Experience/first term             First term/experience   Exper./little exp.
Washington/outsider             Little Wash./Wash.      Wash./non-Wash. Ariz./noncontig. state            Noncontig. state/Del.   That foreign feeling
Ages 72 & 44 = 116              47 & 66 (11/20) = 113  Age/Youth            
Celeb. looks (beauty queen)   Celebrity status          Sycophantic youth  Shooter/Shootee                   Not hunters                 NRA types/not 

     Picking a female, of course, is intended to attract Hillary Clinton’s disappoint and disaffected supporters, assuming many of them actually exist. All the blogs and e-mails smell of another political dirty trick fostered by the GOP.
     A female on the ticket also is intended to balance Obama’s obvious black heritage/white mixture, possibly attracting some one other than the traditional white males.
     Alaska was a curious move, and probably not intended to balance the Democrats and their Hawaii-born candidate with someone from the only other noncontiguous state, both of them admitted in the 1950s.
     And finally, choosing someone even younger than Obama is intended to help defray the age issue, even though the selection of Biden already had defused that issue somewhat.
     The big difference is: McCain appears to have chosen a running mate purely for campaign purposes and not someone who would be much help in running the country should he win; Obama chose someone who could be a great help in running the country, and not so much in winning a campaign.

     Remember the elder George Bush’s selection in 1988 when he wanted to balance his age with youthful charm? We ended up with Dan Quayle as our disastrous vice president—for one term.



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