Setting the Record Straight

September 2, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Weeks?

Anti-Obama Clinton Voters. Still Nuts?
     It is hard to believe, but after all that has been said and done on the national political scene in recent weeks, there supposedly are still Hillary Clinton supporters who claim they will not vote for Barack Obama, and instead would vote against their own self-interests.
     That is not unusual; Republicans, particularly minorities, who do not have six-figure incomes have been voting against their own self-interests for years.
     Oh, the Hillary supporters agree with Obama’s policy stances. After all, they are about the same as Hillary’s. Supposedly, it is be-cause of what he said while he was opposing her in the primaries, or he blocked the chance to elect the first U.S. female president, or whatever. It all comes down to spite. We say supposedly they feel this way, because much of this feeling seems to be generated by those practicing political dirty tricks.
     Nonetheless, the movement is damaging because a surprising number of people vote based on feelings instead of information.
     Here are some of the things Hillary supporters would face if they vote for the GOP ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin. And we won’t repeat the mistaken claim that such-and-such candidate “would” do these things, because they require the consent and help of Congress.
     The voters who gave Clinton just short of half the delegates to the late-August Democratic Convention in Denver typically did not have a $3 million estate they needed to protect from inheritance taxes, levied on estates valued at about $3 million. McCain/Palin want to do away with the tax, and, trying to play on your emotions, will refer to it as the “death tax.”
     Most Hillary supporters are not sexist, they did not benefit greatly from the Bush tax cut, they are beginning to suffer greatly from eight years of lax federal regulation, their health care is getting more expensive and harder to come by, it is getting harder to send their kids to college, their homes are not worth what they used to be, and their sons and daughters are more likely to be serving, and dying, in vain in Iraq while their neighbors in the ritzier suburb next door send their kids to binge- drink at a fraternity or sorority somewhere.
     McCain/Palin, as is now crystal clear, would deny the sons and daughters of Hillary supporters access to sex-education in the schools. They would rely instead on “abstinence-only” education, copying the Reagan solution to the drug problem—just say no. We know how effective “just say no” was and we now know the effect of the “abstinence-only” philosophy is called Bristol Palin. And absti-nence-only is a plank in the GOP platform, presented almost in ob-scurity on the truncated opening day of the GOP convention.        
     Every American’s future rides on decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, the freedoms being taken away in the guise of fighting terrorism, a woman’s right to choose what happens inside her own body, the ability of the poor to get some help from the government when they need it, and the nation’s overwhelming problem of dealing with all of the ramifications of allowing widespread poverty to continue.
     At 61, Hillary Clinton came of age as the women’s rights movement was gaining amazing strength, leading to major gains in women’s ability to compete in a man’s world. They still have a long way to go, but the McCain/Palin vice president who was younger than her daughter Bristol during that fight, believes in, besides opposing sex education:
     –Wants creationism taught in public schools along with evolution.
     –Opposes embryonic stem cell research even though scientists say the current ban on the use of them is hampering medical research.
     –Opposes gay rights, not just gay marriage, as in “preserving traditional marriage.”
     –Is for drilling for more oil, including in now-protected areas of her own state.
     –Is anti-abortion and would support a Supreme Court that would overturn Roe vs. Wade.
     –Opposes gun control, which Hillary actually does support.
     –Is so naïve about national and international issues, she would set the advances of women in the United States back to the days of the women’s rights struggle.
     And that is just what we know of her views so far. More probably is to come. None of these is a view that Hillary Clinton has endorsed.
     These are not just Palin’s personal views, all but teaching creationism are embodied in the Republican Platform.
     All of those examples happen to be major differences between the leadership provided by Democrats and Republicans. Voters need to understand that Republicans vote for members of their party primarily to protect their money.
     In other words, any person who would have voted for Hillary Clinton would be voting against his or her own self-interest by voting for a Republican. Non-rich Republicans have voting against their own interests for four decades now, but why would a Democrat, much less a Clinton supporter?
     Racists who cannot bring themselves to vote for Obama because of his race never belonged in the Democratic Party in the first place.
     So what about the Clinton supporters who are not racist? What is their excuse now?



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