Setting the Record Straight

September 10, 2008

McCain/Palin’s Eau de Rove

McCain/Palin/Rove and Lies

     Okay. We’ve had enough. We’ve been criticized for being too strident and critical, but this presidential campaign is going too far.

     Both campaigns, as is the wont of national campaigns, are guilty of at least stretching the truth, but the campaign of John McCain and Sarah Palin has reached the point it raises some suspicions worth noting.

     One can expect neophyte Palin to go overboard and repeat false phrases that appeal to the right-wing nuts, but McCain knows better. You might not agree with him, but McCain is not a right-winger and always has been, as can be said of another senator we have known—Joe Biden—a straight shooter. What you got was what he was.

     McCain, wearing a “Navy” ball cap in rural campaign stops for two obvious reasons (trust us–he is not the ball cap-wearing type), keeps repeating that Palin sold the Alaskan governor’s jet plane on E-bay, at a profit. She did neither; she tried but failed at both. But the phrase is a kick-ass crowd-pleaser.

     Palin keeps saying she stopped the “bridge to nowhere” boondoggle, i.e., earmark, enabled by the state’s two Republican senators. It turns out she was for it before she was against it after it had failed, and she kept the earmark money.

     Neither incident is worth mentioning in a national campaign. Both should be dismissed as nothing more than the fodder of shouting tabloid-cable. But they are obvious examples of a campaign that is spewing many lies, including many about the views of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

     The effort to create a vice president-pick myth out of whole-cloth, attractive to the belching-bubba crowd, is straight out of the playbook of Karl Rove. We can’t prove it, but the suspicion is Rove advised the George W. Bush White House that lying always work, that if you repeat one often enough, it will be believed.

     It would seem the McCain/Palin campaign is being advised by Rove. He now is a commentator on baldly conservative FOX, but one has to ask what other hat is he wearing.

     Yes, the Obama/Biden camp, mostly in its commercials, is guilty of stretching the truth, as most political campaigns are wont to do. But straight-out lying is beyond the pale and illustrative of a candidate who would bring no change from the current administration.

     We are talking here only of the presidential campaigns. But all political e-mails and blogs need to be examined for facts. Partisans of both sides, but not connected with either campaign, are spreading unsubstantiated lies, including a well-circulated one spreading lies about Palin.

     There are many on-line non-partisan services available for distilling truth from the fiction being spread. One we have championed is, another is, and many individual newspapers provide similar services.



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