Setting the Record Straight

October 12, 2008

Shut Up, Racism & Chairman McCain

Metaphorical Musings

     Does anyone else get the feeling Dubya would be more effective during this financial crisis if he would just shut up?

     He was whistling past the graveyard before the muck hit the fan, and since the meltdown began he has been fiddling as the U.S. economy goes down in flames.

     Climbing out of that paragraph of mixed metaphors, we should note that other countries quit listening to him years ago and have been wondering why his constituents still do.


     Back when we were still in the throes of the primaries, we wrote that racism would be the elephant in the voting booth in November when all of the racists who told pollsters they were not (most actually do not believe they are racists) actually cast their ballots in secret.

     The McCain/Palin campaign’s advisers also have known that and that is the reason the two have been whipping their audiences into a fever, with Sarah Palin even failing to rebuke a man who yelled “kill him” as she repeated her Barack-Obama-pal-of-a-terrorist claim.

     That campaign has now discovered it has been shaking a bag with a Tasmanian devil inside and is not sure how to deal with it. John McCain finally cautioned one of his audiences about hateful remarks, but then rebuked John Lewis, a black congressman, for pointing out in an op-ed piece the racist undertones of the campaign’s mud-slinging.


     It is curious, as the financial meltdown becomes increasingly serious, that the McCain/Palin campaign has little, if anything, to say about it. We know why Palin does not—George Bush looks somewhat knowledgeable by comparison—but why not McCain?

     As our Veritas reminds us, McCain once acknowledged he knew little about economics, later joined Bush and company in the graveyard whistling ding dong, the economy’s strong, and immediately after referred to the economy in crisis.

     We’ll take him at his word about the deficit in his knowledge of economics, but since he has been in the Senate, he has served on and even chaired for several years, the Senate committee that is all about regulations.

     That perhaps, is why he has been quiet about the economy when he is on the stump—it might lead to questions about his and his party’s deregulatory past, the past that allowed the runaway greed that created today’s tumbling house of cards.

     As the hate-Obama campaign begins to backfire, look for McCain to make some specific economy-repairing proposals, but be assured they will not be aimed at the little guy. They will be true-blue Republican and all about businesses and those with enough disposable income to be investors.



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