Setting the Record Straight

November 1, 2008

HIQ In the White House?

This Time a Thinker, Not a Stinker

     The candidacy of Barack Obama gives Americans the chance to return to having a highly intelligent person in the White House. He would follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, both intellectual giants when compared with other presidents over the past century.
     Notice that all three are Democrats, the only ones elected since 1964. The rest of the presi- dencies during that period have been occupied by Republicans, one of them of fairly good intelli- gence, but with a deeply flawed character—Richard Nixon.
     After him came Republicans: Jerry Ford, never regarded as a man of high intelligence; Ronald Reagan, a good speech reader, but someone who otherwise spoke otherwise in clichés, a tool of the not so agile of mind; the elder George Bush, of mediocre intelligence; and, after getting eight years of probably our most intelligent president ever, we have suffered under the least intelligent one in U.S. history.

     So what does all that tell you about what the Democrats offer the country and what the Republicans offer? It might say Republicans not only would not nominate a highly intelligent candidate, one could not win the nomination because he, or she, would not be dumb enough to mollycoddle the right wing of the party that, however much a minority it may be, still decides whom the party will nominate and controls the purse strings that follow.

     Let us hope that if Obama is elected, he will not be crippled by some self-inflicted peccadillo and that he won’t come marching into town with his home boys trying to run the country the way he ran a state and making huge enemies along the way to a largely ineffective presidency.



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