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Most of us are former, semi-retired or still-practicing print journalists, and most within that group migrated from all parts of the country to be Washington reporters. We are or were serious journalists, the grunts in the field who do 95 percent of the reporting and never appear up on TV.

Real reporters anywhere usually gather 100 times more information than can fit in the limited space afforded them to report their stories. That’s where a lot of books come from—all that background knowledge had to go somewhere.

Much of that knowledge does not get into books and even if it did, would be overlooked in the “yellavision” and tabloid-style TV news that plagues today’s society.

Today’s public discourse is so uninformed and ill-informed, we seek in this small way to improve that discourse through a combination of just plain common sense, our knowledge of the way things actually work and really are, and our experience as reporters who have had front-row seats at the making of history and the never-ending search for the common weal.


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